• Queen size bed in cosy loft accessed by ladder style staircase
  • Front livingroom with views of forest and river (ocean views in fall & winter)
  • Small limited kitchen with sink, coffee station, and small fridge
  • Remote private rustic location and setting
  • Cold water only
  • Private toilet outside at end of veranda

A HUT Has Emerged in the woods…

With the helping hands of mostly volunteers and friends of Craidelonna

This tiny cabin set amidst the forests’ lushness is hidden from sight of the lodge and the rest of the property.

Its new exterior completed in local reclaimed board & baton cedar.

The newly covered deck/veranda provides glimpse of the ocean.

The ultimate privacy of forested cosiness and nature created for the rugged at heart.

This woodside cottage has cold water only and an outside toilet.

There is a queen size bed located by ladder to a loft above.

The modest kitchen leads to the outside patio.

This two room cabin has a front seating room that can hold an additional blow-up bed when needed.

Remote privacy & seclusion the hut was design most with the intention of being an overflow space for the full property gatherings.

Other than for a full property rental agreement the hut is most often not rented until one week prior to an anticipated arrival date.

Hut guests are welcomed & encouraged to use the outside hotwater shower station and hottub of the main luxury station.

We most often will hold the hut until the main lodge guest and requirements have been fully established.

  • The rustic woodsie craidelonna cabin in the forest
  • Local cedar sides this hut in its remotely hidden location
  • Cosy hut dwelling with living area with river and forest views
  • Kitchen has cold running water only / loft bedroom above is ladder staircase
  • A little less luxury for a bit more privacy .. this getaway is engulfed by west coast forest