while on craidelonna property…

we ask our guests to consider taking off their watches
Allow yourself to relax for the moment unwind & recharge
Our only accurate clock is in the laundry room !

there is WIFI throughout the property please consider closing the lid of your computer a bit more and connecting with the reality of those around you in the wonderful sounds & sights of nature

craidelonna ocean view sunsets

Caretaker of Craidelonna

Ritchard is the on-site host and caretaker for the Craidelonna property since it opened in july 2006. He resides in the studio loft that is private and separate distinct from the Lodge on the west side of the Craidelonna complex.

Ritch has lived in the sooke region for fifteen years… so is always pleased to help with directions & locations of interest in the Sooke/Shirley area. He is most often able to get the best of seating and reservations at Sooke’s finer of dining establishments. With over 25 years in the hospitality business and 15 years of wedding & conference creation/planning he is helpful and willing to provide assistance and knowledge in event coordination.

Also living in the studio apartment is ONE VERY COOL SPHYNX CAT named GiZa – she is a hypoallergenic pure breed. These are an unusual & rare breed of feline that is quite unique to touch and feel, like warm cozy velvet or ultra suede. she was named from the colossal recumbent stone figure sphinx of egypt that guard the great pyramids and ancient cites and now craidelonna.

CRAIDELONNA has its own FACEBOOK page where endless albums and photos that show numerous seasons of weddings and gatherings. We ask you to check us out on FACEBOOK and “like craidelonna” to view the photo-journalistic albums of the many events over the years.

Craidelonna is a very PET FRIENDLY accommodation… the heated concrete floors make this home a safe environment for dogs and critters… we ask all pet owners to be responsible for their pet-friends and pick up behind them please… and did we mention the endless leash-less beaches with tons of throw sticks? smiles

We wish you the most wonderful of stays while you are here on the island at Craidelonna

the best birthday gift ever… these four children of return guests sang ritcheart birthday greetings in three languages… priceless gift !!!